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About The Program


photoquest has been developed to help those photographers who are seeking to improve their photography skills. The programs will help you gain more insight as well as get a different perspective in order to help define the direction and path that would like to follow. I will be accepting a limited number of students each month in order to help them with many facets of their photography goals.

The programs will consist of different approaches as well as opportunities to help cater to the student’s needs. I have a vast range of professional experience shooting everything from Animals to Weddings. I’ve shot portraiture, maternity, weddings, and fine art. I have been in business full-time for 17 years and have a 3600 sqft studio space to work with you where needed.


Here are some of the areas that we can discuss or cover during your session. 

 With 1-on-1 sessions tailored to your needs, I’ll ask you to think through what areas of photography that you want to work on, and then we’ll examine and tackle them together.  Topics like:


Shooting & composition | Lighting | Post-processing


A portfolio critique: I will review your portfolio and website and recommend changes

  •          The makings of a compelling image       

  •          I will help you with Lightroom and Photoshop processing.

  •          How to pre-visualize so you get the final output you desire

  •          Discovering how backgrounds influence final images

  •          Learn how aperture, shutter speed, lens choice, and distance affect your images

  •          How to tell a story with your images

  •          Lighting

  •          I will give you advice on gear based on your budget and style of photography


Here are some things that I CANNOT help you with:

  •          Tax advice

  •          Legal advice

$75 Per Month

  • Weekly -  1 Hour call to discuss any questions you may have

  •  Email contact for critique of images, concepts and general questions  

  • Discounted rates for meetup events

$150 Per Month- Studio Package

  • Weekly - 1 Hour call to discuss any questions you may have

  • Email contact for critique of images, concepts and general questions 

  • Discounted rates for meetup events

  • 1 – Free 2 hour studio booking a month

  • Gold Level studio Membership included ( $25 per hour studio fee, free use of lighting, 10 free hours per  year BOGO)

  • Assistance during private shoots

  • Assistance booking models for your shoots

  • Notice first of all traveling models and events

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